Our Values


By remaining flexible and agile, we will always go above and beyond to ensure we get the best results for you.

Facing a challenge from a different angle or perspective allows us to be open to change and continue to advance in our field.

We cannot control everything that happens, however we can control how we react to it.


We have a strong moral compass and are very proud of our personal and professional principles.

Your trust is of paramount importance to us and we will always have your best interests at heart.

We will act with honesty, transparency and consistency.  


We seek out knowledge, cultivate our intuition, and search for ways to further understand and deepen connections.

Having an inquisitive mindset means we are always looking for ways to improve and have the willingness to find out how to get it done.

We aim to inspire and encourage the mind to explore the how, why, what, where or when. 


Our Team

Kelly Farr

Founder, Wellbeing Coach & Trainer

Passionate about mental wellness, human performance and wellbeing, I am fascinated about ‘why we do what we do’ and love the opportunity to get to know people, and share my knowledge and experience with others. I love being around like-minded people and instigating conversations that pique curiosity to encourage people to question the ‘why?’ and the ‘why not?’

I am a friendly, yet professional facilitator & coach with the aim of creating a relaxed environment conducive to learning and growth. My goal is to empower others so they have the ability and confidence to unlock their potential and become the best version of themselves.

I am a certified Teacher, First Aid for Mental Health Instructor, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Coach, qualified Mindfulness Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Kinetic Shift Practitioner, Thomas International Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue) Trainer and a certified HeartMath Coach.

In my other full-time job, I am a mother to 2 human babies and 2 fur babies. I am a complete Pinterest addict and love transforming a house into a home. Oh, and I am a self-confessed chocoholic! 

Jamie Farr

Founder, Wellbeing Coach & Trainer

I am dedicated and passionate about helping people achieve positive and lasting change to support them to a happier and more productive life. I have a very relaxed and practical approach to delivery; I am an adaptive facilitator with a professional focus on providing the best learning experience.

I love to research the why behind the many choices we make, this allows me to ask questions that enable you realise your potential and improve mental wellness. I love to research neuroscience & behavioural change and I bring this to forefront of my delivery to spark healthy debate and generate new understandings.

I am a certified teacher, a First Aid for Mental Health instructor, NLP Master Practitioner, Master coach, Hypnotherapist, and Thomas International Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue) Trainer. 

Away from the office I love to run around the beautiful welsh valleys, and I will be learning Italian this year because they make everything sound cool.

Now you know Our North, let us help you find YourNorth…